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12 Reasons an Employee App Makes Your Business More Successful

Posted by Andy G. Schmidt on Aug 13, 2020 9:30:00 AM

The key to any successful business is communication. After all, communication is essential in every aspect of company operations, from onboarding new employees to introducing new policies. When employees are well-informed, they perform better, are more productive, and feel happier in their workplace.

Here are 12 reasons why you’ll achieve greater success by prioritizing effective communication and using a great employee app.

employee apps make businesses successful


1. Keep everyone on the same page

Employee apps enable instant communication between employees and employers, keeping staff on track and up-to-date. Features like group messaging ensure everyone stays on the same page and prevent miscommunication so that the whole company runs smoothly. Mobile solutions like Beekeeper also function as collaboration software, where teams can efficiently communicate to brainstorm and launch projects.

Instant communication is also essential for time-sensitive or crucial information about safety, urgent updates, and other issues. There’s no better way to make sure everyone receives important notices than with a mobile app, which keeps all users updated even when they’re on the go and away from computers.


2. Confirm important information is received

When important events and last-minute changes happen, make sure the news is not only sent, but also read. In an employee app like Beekeeper, you can ensure important information is visible by pinning posts, and also know that employees have received key updates with confirmation campaigns, which require users to confirm they’ve read an important message. You can also follow up with those who didn’t read messages and ensure that every employee is in sync with everyone else.


3. Streamline internal communication

Team apps also make automated messaging possible. Keep your digital workforce in the loop and streamline internal communications by automating tasks like sending monthly reminders, recurring updates, and more.


4. Track employee engagement

The success of a company depends on how engaged its employees are. An employee app improves employee engagement, but can also provide useful data on engagement levels. Beekeeper, for instance, allows administrators to understand how many employees are reading updates and actively communicating with each other with its analytics dashboard.


5. Keep non-native language speakers in the loop

Some employees don’t speak the local language, especially those who don’t interact with clients. Language barriers won’t be a problem with apps like Beekeeper, which has an inline translations feature that translates posts and comments in more than 100 languages to enable full inclusion of everyone on the team across languages and locations.


6. Ensure employees are heard

Communication tools like employee apps facilitate easy communication in a workplace, encouraging employees to reach out with questions, concerns, and comments. By initiating workplace involvement, apps like Beekeeper keep employees engaged.


7. Exchange valuable insights

Employee apps also allow employees to learn from each other about best practices in the field, while managers can receive key customer insights from frontline workers. Encouraging everyone to share their unique perspectives and knowledge is a win for everyone.


8. Open it up for feedback

An app promotes ease of communication and helps employees feel like their opinions are valued. Encourage employee feedback with features like Beekeeper’s employee survey extension, and use the employee app to set up a communication channel where users can propose, vote on, and discuss innovation ideas.


9. Help employees feel appreciated

By giving staff the opportunity to provide feedback, the employee communications app shows employees the company values their opinions. Additionally, using a kudos app means happy staff: Employers and employees can easily recognize employee achievements and celebrate special occasions like birthdays and work anniversaries. 


10. Motivate employees to go the extra mile

When a kudos app helps employees feel valued, they’ll value their own work. Motivate employees by highlighting not only individual successes, but also company-wide goals and achievements. They’ll be more likely to go the extra mile and achieve greater results.


11. Promote investment in the company’s wellbeing

When employees feel appreciated and connected, they’ll be more likely to care about the environment they work in, and be more invested in the company to which they belong. Remind employees that they’re working for a brand, not a building.


12. Foster camaraderie among employees

Employees want to feel included and part of a team, and keeping them connected through a team app makes this possible. When employees know each other, understand that they’re all on the same team and trust each other, they not only perform better, but will also be more likely to stay at the company, thus improving employee turnover rates.


Happy employees = happy customers

Simply put, a company that communicates is a company with happy staff and pleased customers. When employees are happy, they become invested in their work and the company, which results in a thriving workplace and impressive achievements. And what makes this possible? Effective communication, via an effective employee app.


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The key to any successful business is communication.

Here are 12 reasons why you’ll achieve greater success by prioritizing effective communication and using a great employee app.



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