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Tomorrow isn't waiting - Trends in 2022

Posted by Andy G. Schmidt on Dec 22, 2021 5:32:25 PM

2021 was the year of resilient operations management.

Now, looking at 2022, significant transformations are on the horizon. Especially as businesses must navigate the Great Resignation, supply chain pressures, and find the delicate balance between human work and technology.

The frontline work experts at Beekeeper see these major trends for 2022.

Check and see how many of them you already have on your radar screen?


Top 5 Human Resources Trends to Watch in 2022


6 Trends Transforming Frontline Operations Management in 2022


8 Internal Communication Trends Impacting Frontline Workers in 2022


and Industry-specific trends:

Top 5 Hospitality Industry Trends for 2022

Top 7 Manufacturing Trends for 2022



CTA Ride Those Trends



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