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Still using WhatsApp for Corporate Internal Communication?

Posted by Andy G. Schmidt on Jan 9, 2021 5:30:10 PM

Have you seen the prompt on WhatsApp requesting you to accept revised Terms & Conditions yet?

Will you continue to use WhatsApp for business communication? What about your internal communications within the company?

Starting Feb 8th 2021 your WhatsApp data will be shared with Facebook.

You still have a choice to protect your business and protect your employees.

Yes, there are options out there that deliver you peace of mind when it comes to data privacy, data security and data protection.

Secure and compliant business communication is available today at Beekeeper - learn more: 

Beekeeper - The Secure Employee App


What are the new problems with continuing to use WhatsApp?

You have to agree to give your data away so that Facebook can monetize it better.

Data that you will agree to be given to Facebook and its other subsidiaries includes “your account registration information (such as your phone number), transaction data, service-related information, information on how you interact with others (including businesses) when using our Services, mobile device information, your IP address, and may include other information identified in the Privacy Policy section entitled ‘Information We Collect’ or obtained upon notice to you or based on your consent.”


What are the existing problems with using WhatsApp for Internal Communication?

Here are 10 reasons why it is dangerous and negligent


Why would you want to use a standalone chat-only-App when you can have an Employee App that increases productivity, safety, and quality at the same time?

The Beekeeper employee app is an easy-to-use, mobile internal communication platform that:

  • Gives frontline employees instant access to information and resources they need to do their jobs effectively
  • Offers inline translations, so communications reach every employee in their preferred language
  • Engages employees at all levels, increasing overall employee satisfaction and retention
  • Boosts efficiency and productivity by giving employees easy access to the tools they use every day in one centralized location
  • Reduces the need for meetings. Instead use video, chats, direct messages, group chats, or file sharing


“Communication is a fundamental part of building a great company culture. Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to Beekeeper. Every client I’ve worked with to install it, declares they are now a better business because of it.” - Tim Watson, Beekeeper Partner


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