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Internal Communications Solutions for Fearless Change Management

Posted by Andy G. Schmidt on Mar 24, 2020 11:15:00 AM


In business, change is inevitable. Companies evolve in any number of ways: new leadership, rapid growth, digital transformation, a merger, or an acquisition.

The traditional approach to change management usually implies detailed central planning and top-down hypotheses. The result? Around 70% of change projects fail.

The new collaborative way of managing change focuses on the process of collective, joint-exploration of change.  Because people are not against change per se – they are against being changed. To make the people part of the change they first need to believe in change.

Change begins with Communication.

In order to adapt, companies need a stabilizing force during a time of flux. Whatever the catalyst for change, an internal communications platform can:

  • Support your operations
  • Foster unified communication
  • Align and prepare your employees for what’s to come
  • Avoid workflow interruptions by bridging communication gaps

Partnered with the right digital tools, an internal communications strategy delivers high-performance results, ranging from improved employee engagement and productivity to customer satisfaction. When a company is facing a transformation, the right internal communications tools deliver a high ROI, and can mean the difference between success and failure.


Internal Communications Designed for Adaptability

During any time of organizational transition, your operational communications need to be leadership-led and as solid as possible. Consider a digital workforce solution, like a team app, with the following that reaches every employee for solid, unified communication so nobody feels left in the dark.
  • Mobile-first solution. A team app levels the playing field with mobile-first design to deliberately reach frontline workers who have long been excluded from traditional internal communications.
  • Low barrier to entry. Avoid technology with too many functionalities and steep learning curves that will only “confuse and lose” your employees. Look for a straightforward rollout strategy and easy interface to keep operational communications and workflows running smoothly throughout a company’s metamorphosis.
  • Scalability. Whether your workforce size expands or you add locations halfway around the world, you need an agile platform that will ebb and flow with corporate evolutions.
  • Customer success support. Your investment in a team app should include customer success support that carries through beyond rollout.


A Workforce Solution That Builds Trust Through Transformation

The unknowns of workplace changes can create dynamics that contribute to a worried, distracted workforce. Needless to say, productivity is often the first area that takes a hit. People want, and deserve, to know pertinent information such as the fate of their jobs, or changes to their schedule. Bringing your workforce together with a team app is a critical step towards transparency by including them in relevant messaging, eliminating ambiguity, and earning their trust.

Most workforce solutions only reach knowledge workers. For full workforce alignment, you need to connect every single employee, from your CEO to your frontline workforce, to give everyone a sense of ownership in change management. Improved employee engagement during change is a vital ROI marker since you need employee buy-in to have a chance of success.



Continuity in Operational Communications

During corporate re-organization, workflows are easily interrupted, and operational communications can all but shut down. A digital workforce solution becomes that stabilizing force to bridge communication. So while changes might be happening to your external environment, your internal structure and operational communication remain resilient and intact.

FRHI Hotels and Resorts is a company that has learned to thrive through change. What started out as one luxury hotel has evolved through mergers and acquisitions into a corporation that runs 125 properties around the world with 45,000 employees. To provide continuity of operational communications through growth, they use Beekeeper to avoid any interruptions to workflows and guest service.

“Beekeeper has become the primary platform to deliver company news, updates, and any kind of executive communication.” –Alexandra Zeifman, Internal Communications, Project Manager, FRHI

With its low barrier to entry, Beekeeper is easily adopted by new FRHI properties and teams. The app’s inline translation feature allows employees in any of the company’s 30 countries to fully participate from day one, enabling seamless communication as the company continues to grow.


Dynamic Analytics Dashboard to Measure ROI

With an analytics dashboard, you can get actionable data on employee engagement, open rates, and workforce feedback on all team app content that benefits every level of your organization from HR to operations. Organizations can leverage these insights to improve operational communications, implement new policy or procedural changes, and boost overall workplace culture.

Employers can also directly measure the ROI of the team app by assessing the impact of campaigns and related content on internal communications, employee retention, and operational efficiency.


A Team App Creates Cultural Alignment

Your people are NOT your greatest asset. They are your company. Your company’s success depends on their engagement. But they’re often overlooked when companies make big decisions or embark on M&A.

For instance, on paper, Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods looked like a marriage made in heaven. However, Whole Foods has long been known for its more relaxed culture while Amazon has operated a much stricter workplace. According to Harvard Business Review, merging two different cultures has negatively affected employee engagement and has stalled the expected success of the acquisition.

Preparation is crucial to the successful merger of company cultures. A team app helps companies plan workforce integration before they become a centralized entity by minimizing disruptions and allowing people to work together as a team from day one.


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Change Management begins with Communication

A state-of-the-art internal communications platform can:

  • Support your operations
  • Foster unified communication
  • Align and prepare your employees for what’s to come
  • Avoid workflow interruptions by bridging communication gaps 

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