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How to reach more of your staff within 5 minutes

Posted by Andy G. Schmidt on Jul 5, 2021 10:32:08 AM

For most majority frontline organizations, less than 20% of staff are reachable within 5 minutes.


In our digital world, why is that even still an issue?

With corporate email addresses reserved for corporate teams, frontline teams are reachable only by direct mail, posters, or via dozens of phone calls down the chain of command.


This makes changes cumbersome & agile operations difficult to achieve.


Whether you’re rolling out a new standard operating procedure, need to react fast to a product recall, or want to get last-minute order quantities to your teams, not having fast access to 80% of your workforce is a huge restriction.


Without a centralized hub for mobile collaboration, coordinating changes is a manual process involving standing meetings (if those are even possible given physical or public health constraints) or even tracking down staff members in person.


This is time that would be much better spent training and developing teams, reworking operational processes to improve efficiency, or working on other projects that have a tangible business impact.


A digital workplace can virtually remove this wasted time by amplifying communication efforts.


On a non-technical note, the simple act of providing workers with a social connection to their colleagues will inspire engagement and collaboration, especially for frontline employees who are connecting to their company for the first time.


The flow of information within organizations should no longer be dictated by management charts.



How might you be able to reach your frontliners in an instant?

With a truly inclusive internal communication platform like Beekeeper, for example.


Beekeeper is a mobile-first collaboration and productivity platform that’s the single point of contact for your frontline workforce. With all communications and systems in one place, teams can improve productivity and quality control, reduce safety incidents, streamline SOPs, and become more cost-efficient.

Frontline workers can access manuals and protocols and share best practices. Managers can resolve issues efficiently and train teams to a higher standard. Executives can increase business resilience and agility in uncertain times.

Beekeeper offers an intuitive employee experience with enterprise scale and security. Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems to create the future, now.

Beekeeper - Connected Workforce

Are you brave enough to try something new?

In the business world, the Negativity Bias can have a paralyzing effect. It keeps companies stuck in place because they are afraid to try anything new or bold. It brings innovation to a halt.

One idea to help counter this Negativity Bias is to ask yourself:

What if I succeed - what would that look like?

You shift from a worst-case to a best-case scenario in an instant. Visualizing success breeds confidence & provides motivation for moving forward.

The reality may not live up to that, but that vision can provide an incentive strong enough to encourage taking a risk.

We have a common aversion to change due to the fear of uncertainty.

However, once we envisioned a future scenario in which we’d already made the change, we realize it is probably worth doing.

Now how can you take one small step into the breach?

Consider whether there are “baby steps” that could lead up to taking a leap.


Being totally biased & egotistical here, one baby step could be to click on ‘book a 𝗱𝗲𝗺𝗼’ below.

Then we will share with you how an inclusive comms platform has made a positive difference to thousands of frontline (s)heroes like those under your care.


Let's not forget, our frontline employees have carried the weight of their countries on their backs for over a year now. Yet, they still lack the support they need in terms of compensation, workplace safety measures & basic digital tools.

Let's change that together, shall we?

Bee Brave





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